Berlini is an eclectic collection of frames made totally in Italy. It has style and class with Italian quality workmanship at excellent prices. There is a wide range of frames with styles that meet the aesthetic and optical needs of a full range of customers. The frames are made of metal and Mazzucchelli acetate.
Le Tanneur
La marque Le Tanneur, que nous connaissons tous, est avant tout un maroquinier depuis 1898. Riche d’un savoir-faire ancestral, c’est en 2008 que cette maison de renom, nous confie le design de ses montures optiques et solaires. La collection Le Tanneur a fait le choix de privilégier le raffinement plutôt que l’extravagance, l’intemporalité plutôt que l’éphémère.
Live life, love life… Great to meet you. We are C-ZONE. We feel life is a barrel full of possibilities. We are amazed by all the opportunities offered. And we strongly believe that we achieve happiness by connecting with people. We so much enjoy time spent with family and friends. We love to inspire you, but surely also love to be inspired by you.
C-Zone XL
...it’s time to bring out the big guns. With a keen eye for style, colour and the next trends in fashion, Dutch designer house C-ZONE has been building quite a name over the past 10 years. The quirky team now comes with a new concept and a brand to match: the world’s first XL eyewear collection exclusively for men!
Incredible glasses are flexible and lightweight, completely designed and manufactured in Italy with a high level of constructive material and technical features. Stylish, attractive, comfortable, highly flexible, very light and extremely thin-all special features that characterize INCREDIBLE!
Thomsen Eyewear
Trend of Denmark draws on the classical trends. We constantly look for the original and at the same time contemporary expression. Also in the choice of colours where we love “noisy colours without noise”. Other keywords are; nice to wear, a continuous search for quality down to the smallest details.
H.I.S. Eyewear
The cult brand, established in New York in 1923, has had a decisive influence on the success of jeans right from the start. The H.I.S Eyewear Collection which has been created by the MP Group in Graz since 2003, brings the casual jeans look to eye level as here, too, the focus is on denim.
Daniel Hechter
French designer Daniel Hechter is regarded as one of the pioneers of prêt à porter. His motto: Parisian elegance should be affordable but not mainstream. Today, the colouring of Daniel Hechter Eyewear is still looking towards the current catwalk trends in the city of fashion for inspiration.